Please note: The English translation of the Terms and Conditions ROME-MINICABS is provided for the convenience of our customers do not speak Italian. Regardless of this, only the original Italian language version is legally binding.


  1. General
  2. Contractual relationship and conclusion of contract
  3. User Registration requirements for the use of BTR tools
  4. Selected topics of the transport contract by the User convenience
  5. Compensation and Payment
  6. Liability
  7. Changes to the offer for ROME-MINICABS
  8. Content Protection, granting of use rights for BTR Tools
  9. Final Provisions

ROME-MINICABS, Via Borgo Angelico (hereinafter referred to as ” ROME-MINICABS “) allows users to book travel services on its online platform, through association with other online platforms, as well as through mobile applications [ (which will be implemented soon) ( “Apps”, all the products together, “BTR Tools”)]. The ROME-MINICABS service is made only by the provision of a right to transport for a user of a transport services provider ( “TSP”) as an intermediate, and not in the provision of travel services itself.


These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) are part of any agreement between the users with the provision of a travel service from ROME-MINICABS. They also describe in detail the travel services that are offered through the right directly created by ROME-MINICABS between the user and the TSP.


Deviations from the user conditions, even in the case of confirmation letters and non-reserved services are rejected. Only if the management of ROME-MINICABS expressly consented in writing, this does not apply.


  1. Contractual relationship and CONCLUSION OF THE CONTRACT



ROME-MINICABS organizes for the user simply a right to transport of an autonomous ROME-MINICABS TSP.


Therefore, ROME-MINICABS makes the necessary arrangements with the TSP in its own name, which provides the user a right to carriage on the TSP ( “third party beneficiary”, also called “for the benefit of the user transport contract”). As a result, users have the right to request the travel services and other receivables directly from TSP.


The user uses ROME-MINICABS only as an intermediate and not as a client transport. A service is required now to pay for the fee arrangement, brokerage constituted prepayment of ROME-MINICABS to TSP, if the customer has chosen payment PayPal.




By submitting a completed booking form via the BTR instruments or by phone ( “Ride Request” user) for ROME-MINICABS the user makes a richest for the conclusion of an agreement. The objective of this agreement is the provision of the transfer service, to meet customer request.


ROME-MINICABS sends you an email confirming receipt of the race details for the transfer service to be arranged. Through this, ROME-MINICABS confirms the receipt of the reservation request by the user.


The agreement between ROME-MINICABS and the User for the requested transfer service shall enter into force only through a separate statement ( “Reservation Confirmation”) by ROME-MINICABS by e-mail. The user then has the right to request transportation services from the TSP directly, as well as to make further inquiries directly to the TSP.


  1. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE RECORDING user for the use of BTR tools


It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information that they, or someone else on their behalf, provided ROME-MINICABS is complete and accurate.

Recording using automated methods is prohibited.




Under Article 4 concerning the details of the tour User’s request (collectively, “Transfer Agreements”), the user can only make requests to the TSP, if they are agreed upon in the contract agreement withROME-MINICABS .


The following conditions apply to the ROME-MINICABS Law organized transport to the user directly to the TSP:




The user can choose between the transfer options and hourly bookings for their transfer request. If, according the expressed wishes of the user, or passenger, the current transfer request requires an additional change from the original transfer request, the TSP should take it where possible. The change of route or expectations not covered in most may entail additional costs for the individual disposition (for further details see paragraph 5 below). Changes to travel arrangements are subject to the availability of the TSP and can be made by the user or the passenger, even after the conclusion of the contract pursuant to paragraph 5 and the payments described herein.

4.1.1 In the case of transfer services the price is valid for a starting address and destination. An additional cost, depending on the pricing structure in progress (see point 5), for a prolonged stay request by the customer, user along the predetermined path.

4.1.2 For time reservations, the journey must always end up in the municipal area of ​​pickup location. A reservation for a session always begins at the time of pickup confirmed at time of booking.


The user can choose between different classes of vehicles (for example, “Business Class”, “Business and Cheap Van”) for their transfer request. The vehicle pictures shown in the BTR tools are only illustrative examples. These are not connected with the right to a particular vehicle model of the vehicle category booked – regional differences are especially possible. Based on availability, an upgrade from the vehicle class “Business Class” to a higher class vehicle (such as “Business or Cheap Van “), is not possible.


4.3.1 Storage, Pets The price indicated in the booking confirmation includes the number of pieces of luggage specified on the booking form. excess baggage, bulky items, or transport of animals not declared with an additional comment at time of booking could lead to corresponding surcharges; the arrangement fee will be higher, as shown on the booking confirmation (see point 5). The TSP reserves the right to refuse transportation of luggage and / or animals that has been / have not been agreed. This also applies to animals that are not contained in a closed transport box and fit.


The need for safety seats for children (child’s seat) should be requested by the User with an additional comment by specifying the number and ages of children to carry, as well as the required type of seating .

4.3.3 INFORMATION  On the number of passengers and baggage

The maximum number of passengers and baggage specified for a particular vehicle is an estimate based on factors such as the size and weight of passengers and baggage. These are not so binding. Il TSP may refuse the carriage of passengers or luggage if you think that would impair the conditions of space and security.

4.3.4 TRANSPORT PREVENTION The TSP reserves the right to refuse carriage if pressing needs (for example, according to rules in force) under Article 4.3 are not, or not properly communicated by the User with an additional comment. If, because of this, transportation is not possible, this has no influence on the ROME-MINICABS Payment through the agreement with the User for the booked carriage.

4.4 DELAYS exceptional situations such as air traffic controller strikes, extreme weather conditions, etc. can only be offset to a limited extent, in the sense that waiting periods more or last minute cancellations must be accepted by users.



To transfer services, the cancellation is free of charge if the TSP is not yet party to the pickup location for more than an hour and it is warned before the pick-up arrangement. In all other cases, the available rights are payable to ROME-MINICABS . A cancellation can only be made using our website or tel. or e-mail. (B) The TIME bookings for hourly reservation, the cancellation is free of charge if there are more than 24 hours between the cancellation and the pick-up time agreed upon. If there are less than 24 hours, but more than 1 hour between the cancellation and the agreed time for all pick-up, 50% of the total price (or appropriate reimbursement of expenses for the activities carried out by ROME-MINICABS ) is to be paid , provided that the TSP has not yet set “off” to the pickup location. If the cancellation is made less than one hour before the scheduled pick-up agreed upon, or the TSP has already left for the pickup location, the total price is due. A cancellation can only be made using our website or tel. or e-mail.

4.5.2 CHANGES TO RESERVATIONS Changes to reservations are generally treated as new bookings. (See paragraph 4.5.1), therefore it applies a policy to address cancellations to originally agreed route. A claim by ROME-MINICABS for the originally agreed stroke can be made accordingly.

4.5.3 NO-SHOW without cancellation, LATE FOR YOU In case of no-show without cancellation, the user loses the right to transport the TSP, but this does not affect the application of the ROME-MINICABS damages against dell ‘User. (A) TRANSFER SERVICES A run is considered a no-show if the user, or passenger, failed to appear without cancellation within 30 minutes after the agreed time of transport at the place of pre-withdrawal. If a customer does not show up, the race must be paid in full, and any supplements to the waiting time will not be applied. To the airport or train station (only long-distance trains stop) the race is considered a no-show when the user, or passenger, failed to appear without cancellation within 60 minutes after the agreed time to pick ‘ predetermined pickup location, for airplanes and trains delayed or earlier flights lead to an extension of the sampling time period provided for in the estimated time between the estimated time of arrival and the original pick-up time. If a customer does not show up, the race must be paid in full, and any supplements to the waiting time will not be applied. This rule excludes situations where the TSP and the passenger have agreed a time for pick-up later on the phone. Possible supplements for the waiting time should be remunerated as described in paragraph

5.3.1. In general, the passenger has no right to change the pick-up time. (B) The TIME bookings A run is considered a no-show if the user, or passenger, failed to appear without cancellation after the expiry of the hours booked after the pick-up time agreed to ‘predetermined pickup location. If a customer does not show up, the race must be paid in full. The airport or the host running the train station (only long-distance trains stop) is considered a no-show when the user, or passenger, is not presented without cancellation after the expiry of the hours booked after the pick time -up agreed at predetermined pickup location, where planes and trains delayed or earlier flights and trains leading to a gap of time withdrawal from the originally agreed period of time between the time of arrival and the original pick-up time. If a customer does not show up, the race must be paid in full. Excluded from this rule are situations in which the TSP and the passenger have agreed a pick-up time later by phone. A reservation for a session always begins at the time of booking of the pick-up as described in

4.1.2. Consequently possible extensions of the hourly reservation must be paid as described in section

5.2. In general, the passenger has no right to change the pick-up time.

4.6. BEHAVIOR IN THE VEHICLE are valid for the user, the following rules of conduct when traveling with TSP: During the whole race, all passengers must follow the rules that apply to the relevant rules of the road, especially the seat belt regulations . Any instructions provided by the TSP must be followed. And ‘TSP responsibility to ensure safe driving. And ‘therefore it is forbidden to passengers to open the doors while driving, throwing objects from the vehicle, protruding body parts or shout from the vehicle. If you want to use one of the devices or structures in the vehicle, with the prior consent of TSP. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the vehicle. If the user or the passenger violates the norm, they are required to pay not only the cost for cleaning the vehicle, but also to offset the loss of business due to vehicle downtime. The consumption of food is strictly prohibited in the vehicle. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the vehicle with the prior consent of TSP.


5.1 The request for the ROME-MINICABS compensation is specified in the booking confirmation. The key factors for its value (including the expenses for ROME-MINICABS , for the organized transport service) are: the class of vehicle chosen, the distance, how far in advance you book your trip, as well as the pick time -up and possibly the location. In addition to special requests reservations, for example multilingual drivers, individual vehicle labeling, additional stops, bulky luggage, seat children, etc. can cause the price increase.

5.2 CHANGES ROUTE Even after the conclusion of the disposal contract and even after the start of the trip, provided that it is possible for the TSP, the user or the passenger can make changes to the regime, the transfer route. If a race is spontaneously elongated (distance or number of hours) according to the user’s desire, or passenger, the actual service (total distance or the number of hours) it will be recalculated and evaluated based on the structure of prices. In the case of hourly bookings, each additional 30 minutes block is considered for billing; that is, from the first additional minute, half an hour is rounded to ensure a more reliable planning. Consequently, the request for compensation increases for the user, because of ROME-MINICABS expenses for the benefit of increasing catchment transport contract. If the distance or the number of hours is less than originally booked, the price remains unchanged.



To transfer services, no surcharge will not be applied in the case of airport or train station (excluding long-distance trains) for a waiting time up to 60 minutes after the withdrawal time previously agreed, for the fact that flight delays and trains, flights and earlier airplanes will lead to a postponement of the expected time between the actual arrival time and the original pick-up time, and up to 15 minutes from the time of pick-up agreed in all other cases. Each additional minute of waiting time will be calculated as a flat rate, including VAT, according to the booking times prices of particular municipal area, as well as the category of vehicles.


Hourly reservations contain kilometers (per hour) that are listed on the booking form (or by phone). Any additional kilometers are subject to charges, including VAT, and are calculated based on the price per kilometer of the particular municipality as well as the category of vehicles.


You may have to pay for their ride by credit card through PayPal or directly the TSP driver. Any credit card charges are paid by ROME-MINICABS and TSP. Any transaction fees for payments by bank transfer (for example due to different currencies or different local accounts) are charged to the user.


For each payment reminder, ROME-MINICABS can charge an appropriate penalty. If the debts of credit cards are not paid, ROME-MINICABS will charge all ‘user the expenses (bank, credit card), and reserves the right to enforce an appropriate management fee per incident.


ROME-MINICABS provides the user with its electronic invoice as a download on their behalf ROME-MINICABS . If paying by credit card, payment is due immediately. If paying by bank transfer, the payment date specified in the invoice must be maintained.


The vouchers can only be used individually and cannot be combined with other coupons. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.



ROME-MINICABS is liable for damages caused by its gross negligence or intentionally aids or subcontractors. The TSP as well as all the drivers used for the travel service are neither ancillary nor subcontractors of ROME-MINICABS . Rather, ROME-MINICABS organizes, for the user, a direct right to transport on a TSP. In the event of damage caused by simple negligence, ROME-MINICABS is liable only for breach of fundamental contractual obligations and to predictable and typical damage. Fundamental contractual obligations are those which, when implemented, allow the proper execution of the contract and on which the user can rely on. Not apply any limitation of liability in the context of an explicit guarantee of condition and quality, in the case of intentional injury to life, limb or health as well as claims under the law on product liability.


ROME-MINICABS is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the content and free programs that are distributed under the name BTR Instruments, nor for any damage that results, except to the extent that such damages are caused intentionally or by gross negligence on the part of ROME-MINICABS . This applies to all types of damage, in particular damage caused by errors, delays or interruption in the transmission, or problems with technical equipment and service, incorrect content, omissions, loss or deletion of data, viruses or in any other way because of the use of this online offering. In addition, ROME-MINICABS is not responsible for the availability and efficiency of the features offered.


ROME-MINICABS accepts no responsibility for the content, accuracy, legality and functionality of third party websites referred to via links. Access to these pages through hyperlinks is done at your own risk.


ROME-MINICABS accepts no responsibility for ensuring that the information provided is accurate and complete or that reaches the user or the driver over time. This does not apply to the content on the booking confirmation. ROME-MINICABS is not responsible for disruptions to the quality of ‘access to BTR tools because of excessive force or effect the events. ROME-MINICABS is not responsible for, in particular the failure of communication networks and / or gateway. ROME-MINICABS does not guarantee that the site will operate uninterrupted or error free, or that any errors will be corrected.


The User Free ROME-MINICABS of all claims and expenses, including legal costs of the case, applied against ROME-MINICABS by third parties for any use of BTR Tools User that violates the contract of these terms.


ROME-MINICABS reserves the right to, at any time change the BTR instruments in a way that is appropriate to the user, so as to further develop and improve their quality. In addition, ROME-MINICABS reserves the right to, with good cause, temporarily or permanently suspend its offering through the BTR tools, even without the user being informed personally.


Content inside of BTR tools enjoys copyright protection. ROME-MINICABS grants you conditional and revocable right to use the BTR instruments as provided through compliance with these Terms. Any use beyond this is prohibited (modifications, copies, reprints, transfer, distribution, or for other improper purposes).


9.1 ENTIRETY, WRITING These Terms are the entire agreement between ROME-MINICABS and the user for the service. There are no subsidiary agreements. Changes and additions to this contract must be in writing, the digital form is not enough; the same goes for changes or additions to this requirement in writing.

9.2 Subject to ROME-MINICABS modifications reserves the right to modify these Terms. Notification of change will be a unilateral declaration by posting revised Terms on the ROME-MINICABS site to inform users. If the user is not opposed to the new terms within 14 days of the publication of the information, the new terms will apply to the user. Continued use of the ROME-MINICABS services depends on the acceptance of the Terms by the User.


You may use counterclaims are undisputed or legally determined against ROME-MINICABS . This also applies to notice of defects by the user. You can exercise a right of retention, if his counterclaim is derived from the same contractual relationship. And ‘it excluded the assignment of receivables to the user from the contractual relationship with third parties, without the written consent of ROME-MINICABS .


For all legal relationships between ROME-MINICABS and you are effectively the law of the Italian Republic applicable to the business. The place of performance is Rome. exclusive place of jurisdiction is Rome, to the extent that the user is a merchant according to the Commercial Code, or, sued, have no fixed place of residence in Italy. Jurisdictions legally binding remain unchanged.

9.5 Severability If the provisions of these Conditions prove invalidity, unenforceability, or contain loopholes, the remaining provisions remain in force. The parties are obliged to replace the invalid provisions, illegal or unenforceable by others which are closest to the meaning and economic purpose and intent of the parties.

State: Rome, December 2016